For more than 70 years, we have developed and produced highly specialised products and systems. Their quality is verified in the most demanding sectors, such as aviation or military industry.
MESIT - vyvíjíme a vyrábíme

Top-class professionals, in particular, are a key to success and prosperity – From developers to specialist professions in production and testing.

30% of over 1,000 employees of the Group have a university background. Technologically interconnected companies of the MESIT Group are able to offer comprehensive products and services. The companies cooperate in related production operations and share the experience of their experts. This allows us to take the position of general supplier also in large contracts.

MESIT - historie

More than 70 years of experience

Since 1952, we have continually developed special and industrial production.

The development of the first measuring instrument in our temporary rooms was a prologue to a story that resulted in the present strong position of the MESIT Group as a reliable contractor of high-quality components, advanced systems and extensive technological assemblies. The MESIT Group companies have an excellent production and development organization, state-of-the-art technologies available and rely on their quality management system. One of the drivers of our success is also our continuous cooperation with research institutes and schools.

MESIT - chráníme

We protect

All MESIT manufacturing plants fulfil the strictest environmental impact standards.

Veškerá voda z areálu MESIT prochází vlastní čistírnou. Efektivní a šetrné zpracování odpadových materiálů zajišťují specialisté z oddělení ekologie společnosti MESIT Facility Management.
Our own professional fire-fighting unit is a part of the integrated rescue system and intervenes also outside of MESIT if needed.

MESIT Facility Management
MESIT - vzděláváme

We educate

70 years of tradition in technical education teaching – practice-based learning.

It is our Group’s school that is the biggest corporate school of the Zlín region. We educate a new generation of electrical and mechanical engineering specialists in full-time and evening study programmes.

MESIT school
MESIT - největší zaměstnavatel v regionu

We are the biggest employer in our region

The MESIT Group provides jobs to 1,000 employees.

We pride ourselves on our work culture respecting their needs and put strong accent on comfortable work environment. We are a responsible employer; we respect agreements and ensure an annual wage growth in the long term. As the biggest employer in the region, we contribute to its development.

MESIT - charita

We support

We support highly important projects. Our financial contributions are aimed at health service and social welfare.

We take an active part in outreach programmes in Uherskohradištsko.

In year 2017, we have contributed a significant amount in order to buy a vehicle for the local home care service.