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We have developed and produced highly specialised products and systems. Their quality is verified in the most demanding sectors, such as aviation or military industry.


own development and testing in difficult conditions

certification for aircraft and military technology

specialized production

service and long-term support

years of tradition
types of products


Opportunity for career and personal growth

MESIT – a solid employer that fulfils its obligations and cares about staff development. Thanks to our low staff turnover, our working teams are stable and can work also on extensive long-term projects.

We educate

MESIT high school

60 years of tradition in technical education teaching – practice-based learning. We educate a new generation of electrical and mechanical engineering specialists in full-time and evening study programmes.

MESIT school

We protect

Environment and safety

All MESIT manufacturing plants fulfil the strictest environmental impact standards. Our own professional fire-fighting unit is a part of the integrated rescue system of the region and intervenes also outside of MESIT if needed.

We support

Health service and charity

We support important projects. Our financial contributions are primarily aimed at health service and social welfare.

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22. 9. 2021

MESIT at the NATO Days in Ostrava

At the weekend of 18 - 19 September 2021, MESIT took part in the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days 2021. At a joint stand with OMNIPOL and ERA, it was once again an honor to welcome business partners, state administration members and the professional public.


15. 9. 2021

MESIT is the main partner of NATO days in Ostrava

MESIT takes part in NATO days again this year. Together with OMNIPOL and ERA, it has become one of the main partners, and from 18 to 19 September, 2021, it will be happy to welcome visitors to this popular event in the outdoor area in the VIP zone. This year the venue is again open to a wide public audience and thanks to safety measures it may be attended by 40,000 people a day.


22. 4. 2021

Engineering success in MESIT foundry

We are proud to announce that we are newly able to offer to our customers aluminium investment castings (lost wax aluminium castings) with the thickness starting at 1 mm. Behind this engineering success is our unique know how which is supported by the excellent work of our engineering team.